Our Collaborations

    1. Stree Mukti Sanghatana (http://streemuktisanghatana.org/) : Stree Mukti Sanghatana (Women’s liberation organization) is a Non-Governmental Organization founded in 1975 working for the empowerment of women, chiefly by creating awareness in the society about women’s issues and improving the lives of women through education, healthcare, and gender equality. It is an autonomous, registered organization that is not affiliated with any political party or political group. It has centers in Dadar, Chembur, Parel, and Govandi in Mumbai, Vashi and Koparkhairane in Navi Mumbai and Thane. Other cities like Pune, Buldana and Osmanabad also have centres. They have family counseling centres, in-house monthly publication “PrerakLalkari”, programs for adolescents, day care centres, programs for waste pickers and solid waste management commenced operations to enable sustainable livelihood for women. The college has in continuation of the earlier MOU with Stree Mukti Sanghatana this year too we renewed the MOU.



12017-2018Waste managementView File
22018-2019Awareness regarding environmental sustainability and conservation via display of posters, exhibitions and workshopsView File
32019-2020The general Objective of this MOU is to stimulate and facilitate the development of collaborative and mutually beneficial programs to strive and take action for the waste management methods of bio-degradable, inorganic, Compost and E-waste generated by collegeView File
42020-2021Donation made towards Parisar Baghini Vikas SanghView File



12017-2018Conducting industrial visit for students in order to make them experience the actual working of various industries and their management strategies.View File
22018-2019Industrial visits for enhancement of knowledge base. Conducting industrial visit for students in order to make them experience the actual working of various industries and their management strategies.View File
32019-2020Industrial visits for enhancement of knowledge base. Conducting industrial visit for students in order to make them experience the actual working of various industries and their management strategies.View File



12019-2020The main purpose of this MOU is to solve various childeren related issues like Academic, Behavioural, Emotional and Recurrent Physical Problems. Their main activities are – 1) To conduct Orientation session to make students are aware about the program and register their interest. 2) Motivating the children to give better performance in Academics and improvement at various level, hence focusing on the overall development of the student.View File

IIT Spoken Tutorial


12019-2020The main puspose of this MOU has been to benefit the students to access a wide variety of courses.View File
22020-2021Intorduction to computers & Front AccountingView File
32021-2022A 15 Days Online course on Introduction to Computers in association with IIT BOMBAY

was organized

View File

NYCS – National Yuva Co-operative Society Ltd.


12019-2020A multi-state co-operative society registered under The Multi-State Cooperative Societies Act, 1984; Registration No. MSCS/CR/97/99 intended to create opportunities for youth and provide Skill Training programs/courses for youth. MOU was signed in order to provide a)Retail Training awarded from TRRIN TRUST- TRUST FCR RETAILERS AND RETAIL ASSOCIATES OF INDIA for job seeking ladies only.

b) Any other skill development programin providing jobs to the students

View File
  1. Praja Foundation: Praja (https://www.praja.org/ ) is a non-partisan organization working towards enabling accountable governance since 1999. Praja empowers citizens to participate in governance by providing knowledge and perspective so that they can become politically active and involved beyond the ballot box. It undertakes extensive research and highlights civic issues to build the awareness of, and mobilize action by the government and elected representatives (ERs). It trained our students on various projects.
  2. IQAC Cluster India (https://iqacclusterindia.com/): This is group of IQAC coordinators from various colleges in Maharashtra who took an initiative to work for Quality insistence, maintenance, Promotion, assurance and to encourage Quality culture in and other organizations.

The tag line of the Cluster is “Co-operation and not competition for successful academics within colleges.” The objectives of this cluster are:

  • To create an awareness about the processes and procedures of IQAC for creating a healthy work culture.
  • To standardize the procedures and processes of IQAC to segregate different activities of Quality Assurance, quality control, and quality planning.
  • To create a trained IQAC for application of quality tools.
  • To control and monitor processes for continuous improvement at workplace
  • To create a neighborhood assistance to the IQAC coordinators by creating a network of trained force.
  • To change the thought process of faulty competition within the colleges that creates complex within the organization and in the students.
  • To reduce the hype of “NAAC” and create a thought process where NAAC is a routine standard accreditation process necessary for the organizational work culture.
  1. Kinging Youths: Kinging Youths is an NGO (https://kingingyouthsinternational.in/) , an India Suicide Prevention Squad. Their Vision is to make “SUICIDE FREE INDIA by 2025 ” & our MISSION is to “Raise 50 Lakhs Volunteers. Our students are part of their Squad that runs a program tagged ‘Jeevan Mein Ashja Hain’ (There is hope in life.). All our students attended workshops conducted by them.



12018-2019Training students to be volunteers of Suicide prevention awareness campaignView File
  1. Technoserve(https://www.technoserve.org): Technoserve as part of the MOU conducted a free-of-cost placement training programme for the third-year students of our college. Funded by Citi Foundation, the training took place within the college premises from Monday to Friday (2 hours each day), thus covering 60 hours of in-classroom experiential learning over 30 days from 05th to 25th March 2019.

The Training Company: The Training Company (http://thewickydavid.com/index.php) aims to make every student ready for recruitment. This company headed by Mr. Wicky David, a master of ‘campus recruitment training programs’, has collaborated with our college so as to provide our students with the necessary training and skills required for hiring purposes. His training sessions on Grooming, Etiquettes and confidence building have proven to help our students get ready for the essential skills required in the corporate sector. The “Tiger Session” and the “Take the Wicky Challenge” program added to the intensive training program conducted by Mr. Wicky David arms our students with the know- how of cracking the interview sessions.



12018-2019A free-of-cost placement training programme for the third-year students. Conducting employability training and career counselling for students. Placement of students in various firms is also ensured post training.View File
22019-2020Technoserve intends to provide employability training and career couselling sessions for the final year students . This includes all activities throughout the year till students are placed 10 to 12 months after their final examination. It is a 55 to 80 hours training program including various aspects of employability. Training provided via Blended Learning approach.View File
32020-2021Campus to Corporate Careers ProgramView File
Click here for e-copies of our MOUs:

Praja Foundation: Click here to view
GREAT GATEWAYS: Click here to view
Kinging Youth: Click here to view
Kurves and Smiles: Click here to view
NYCS: Click here to view
The Training Company: Click here to view
5R CYCLE: Click here to view
Stree Mukti Sanghatana: Click here to view
IQAC Cluster India: Click here to view
Technoserve: Click here to view
IIT Bombay Spoken Tutorial: Click here to view
MOU with VOCSKILL, Mumbai (Training partner- NSDC, Govt. of India): Click here to view
MOU with DTSS College, Mumbai: Click here to view

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

Collaborations have become a vital part of the current education system especially in Institutes of Higher Education. Academic and professional collaborations are beneficial to the teaching faculty as well as students as it not only provides them an opportunity to incorporate a more hands-on learning resulting in the development of a deeper understanding of concepts and also aids them in learning new teaching-learning tools. It helps students in increasing the extensiveness of their knowledge and learning different approaches to tackling the challenges in a professional setup.

Pralhadrai Dalmia Lions College endeavours to emphasise and encourage both intra- and inter-institutional collaboration and establish a level to improve the quality, resources and capabilities of both students and institutions and departments involved. As an academic institution we strive to create an academic culture that fosters partnerships and cooperation in order to improve quality of education as well as accelerate progress.

 Key questions that the institution takes into consideration with reference to collaborations:

        • What type of collaboration will be most advantageous for thestudents as well as the institution?
        • Which academic departments would benefit most from collaboration, and how deep should the collaborations go?

Objectives of collaboration for students:

        • To expose students to a diverse set of ideas, thought and learning processes.
        • To develop team building skills, problem-solving skills, and the ability to communicate with others.
        • To give students an opportunity to shine in an area that they excel in, or to work on areas where they need to improve their skills.
        • To facilitate students in aligning their academics to the real needs of the professional world and therefore secure an insight in high-expertise jobs.
        • To provide a good understanding of the current challenges and management topics
        • To help Students gain a deep insight in the professional work setup

Our students and teachers participate in Extension activities conducted in collaboration with industry, community and Non- Government Organizations. Through collaborative activities for research, faculty exchange, student exchange/ internship we aim to enhance the quality of the teaching learning process.

Our Collaborations for 2020-21: Click here to view

“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.” ― Aristotle

We encourage our students to sign up for internships and projects. Through internships, a student can practice and improve their industry skills while also learning how to work. Ithelps students master professional soft skills such as communication, punctuality and time management. These are the skills that are key for success at a job and college and are highly sought after by companies.  It can be a real confidence builder for a student.  Project focuses mainly on planning, communication and teamwork skills. It allows a child to demonstrate his or her capabilities while working independently.

An internship is the position of a student or trainee who works in an organization for a defined period in order to gain work experience or satisfy requirements for a qualification. However, working on projects, an internal activity during which students autonomously develop scientific research capability under supervision help in enhancement of their skill and expertise.

Knowledge enhancement project has proven to be one of the most effective ways to engage students and provide a practical application for what they’re learning. It not only provides opportunities for students to collaborate or drive their own learning, but it also teaches them skills such as problem solving, and helps to develop additional skills integral to their future, such as critical thinking and time management.

The institute also aims at the holistic development of the students by enhancing their research aptitude, communication skills, presentation skills and also increasing their inquisitiveness to learn and explore new dimensions of technology through knowledge enhancement projects. skill-based learning, students are pushed to think out of the box and innovate to find new ways to approach matters. In an environment that merges knowledge and skill-based learning beautifully, students tend to become independent thinkers. They’re encouraged to think higher and deeper, and solve problems on their own.Social Service based projects that our students undertake help to provides a chance to increase the representative voice of those traditionally under-served & ignored in society.

Internships and projects thus provide a forum for exchange of ideas, innovation, and laying a strong foundation of their career.

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