Incubation Cell

Incubation refers to nurturing and brooding of entrepreneurial ideas and implementation of the same. Many good ideas get stuck only on paper as the implementation is poor. Incubation Cell provides support, encouragement and most importantly a platform for such ideas to be materialised. As early stage hand holders, Incubation Cell acts as an integral part of the start-up ecosystem.


  1. To foster networking between incubatee entrepreneurs and others in entrepreneurial space.
  2. Create a strong network of mentors who would provide sector specific knowledge & real world practical guidance.
  3. Creating awareness among students regarding various aspects of entrepreneurship schemes for entrepreneurs, essential for framing business plans and developing start-ups by conducting events and inspirational programs
  4. Assist the incubatees in creating a sustainable, scalable & profitable business model
  5. To incubate, create a climate and refine the ideas or concepts with support from technical and creative experts of the concerned fields.

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Online Guest Lecture on “Be an Entrepreneur. Discover the Best In You!”: Click here to view

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