Mentoring System

Prahladrai Dalmia Lions College always trusts in outcome-based learning processes. To achieve this, the college conducts various programmes that mentor our students at every step. We provide a handholding for the slow learners and offer opportunities to advance learners to excel and showcase their expertise.

Objectives of Mentoring System :

  • To motivate learners to achieve learning goals.
  • To orient learners with the courses, rules, regulations and facilities of the institution.
  • To bring improvement in learner’s holistic development wherever possible.
  • To generate interest in academics and extra-curricular activities.

Mentoring Policy: Click here 

Mentor-Mentee-BCom -2020-21                                            Mentor-Mentee-SFC-2020-21

Mentor-Mentee-BCom -2021-22                                            Mentor-Mentee-SFC-2021-22

Mentoring Programme for Advanced and Slow Learners
BCom Mentor list 2021-22
BCom Mentor list 2022-23
BCom PROJECTS 2021-22
PDLC Mentoring Prog for slow and advanced learners

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