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‘Not Me But You’: National Social Service

The main objectives of National Service Scheme (NSS) are to inculcate in the youth the understanding of the community in which they work and themselves in relation to their community; identify the needs and problems of the community and involve them in problem-solving; develop among themselves a sense of social and civic responsibility; utilise their knowledge in finding practical solutions to individual and community problems; develop competence required for group-living and sharing of responsibilities; gain skills in mobilising community participation; acquire leadership qualities and democratic attitudes; develop capacity to meet emergencies and natural disasters and practise national integration and social harmony.


Keeping in mind the above aims the activities for the year 2015-16 were planned and began from May 2015. On 2nd May five volunteers participated in the selection process of Avhan at M.P.V. Valia College, Borivli . Ashish Pal was selected to participate in Avhan 2015 to be held at SNDT University, Mumbai. On 25th May three volunteers attended the conference on Skill Development at Mumbai University. On 29th May Dr. Sunita Tidke as PO and Ashish Pal as volunteer participated in the Avhan camp at SNDT University Mumbai. Dr. Swati Desai visited the camp in the capacity of District coordinator. From 28th September Dr. Sunita Tidke participated in the 3 day Training of Trainers Program on ‘Youth Leadership & People Skills’ for NSS programme officers organized by the University of Mumbai, NSS Cell and TISS at Patuk Gala College, Santacruz.


On 5th June Dr. Swati Desai and five volunteers participated in the Tree plantation on the occasion of World Environment Day at Kalina. On 1st July nine volunteers participated in the Tree plantation organised at Keshav Srushti Uttan wherein 150 saplings were planted.

On 8th June 10 volunteers attended the State level Award function on World Yoga at Churchgate NSS Office. On 17th and 21 June Five volunteers participated in the practice session of Yoga as well as Yoga session at Sports Complex, Kalina.


RGNIYD Entrepreneurship Development Programme: Under the Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development (RGNIYD) Programme from 29th July to 3rd August the NSS unit of our college under the guidance of Prof. Sachin Bansode, NSS Program Officer and trainer, organized a training program for selected 40 students of SYBCom and TYBCom . The objective was to develop entrepreneurial skill amongst the students. This 5 day program was conducted in collaboration with ICTACT and Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development, an institute of national importance. Guest speakers were Dr. CA Subhash Desai; Mr. Madhav, Director, LEAD; Prof. Sharada Gaitonde, Prof. Madhavi Nighoskar, Prof Subhashini Naikar and Prof. Rajesh Ruke


Swachha Bharat Abhiyan: On 2nd August the NSS unit organised the Swachha Bharat Abhiyaan in the college premises. Volunteers took an oath to keep the campus and surroundings clean. Also on 2nd October ten NSS volunteers of our college undertook the Cleanliness Drive in the college campus; they took the initiative of cleaning the college ground, foyer, NSS room and water coolers. It was an action to support the Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan initiated by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti the University of Mumbai organised Bhajan Sandhya at the Gateway of India in the evening; Dr. Swati Desai and 10 volunteers of our college attended the Program wherein bhajans and patriotic songs were sung. On 17th January the NSS unit in collaboration with K.E.S. and MAD Foundation organized a Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan and beautification of the Borivali Station by painting the walls of ticket counter and staircase.

BEST Mitra: During the BEST MITRA WEEK from 4th to 8th August 20 NSS volunteers of helped the BEST staff by asking the passengers to stand in a queue while waiting for the bus. Volunteers also encouraged passengers to use public transport instead of autorickshaws. The project was in association with BEST and the University of Mumbai.

Independence Day: NSS Volunteers took part in cultural events and in the afternoon organised rally in neighbouring area to collect torn and defective flags.

Rakhi Selling: From 20th to 3rd August volunteers purchased rakhees from Kakoonal and Kaslihai- a vocational rehabilitation centre for males and females and sold them in our college premises. The remuneration collected was donated to the organisation.

Blood Donation Camp: A Blood Donation Camp was jointly organised by the NSS Unit of our college and Lions Club of Malad-Borivali in the college Gymkhana in association with Samaj Vikas Adhikari Cooper Hospital, Juhu. Lion Sharad Ruia, Chairman of Governing Council and Lion Kanahaiyalal G. Saraf, Hon. Sec. of the Governing Council and other Lion members also participated in the camp. 123 units of blood were collected.

Red ribbon club: On 17th September three volunteers participated in peer training at MDACS, Wadala.

Ganpati Bandobast: On 21st and 27th August around 59 NSS volunteers participated in the Ganpati Immersion Bandobast. The project was in association with Malad Police Station. Our volunteers helped the police in maintaining discipline, cleanliness and crowd control.

Anaaj Daan: The NSS Unit of Prahladrai Dalmia Lions College and Lions Club of Malad-Borivli jointly organised Anajdan and Eye Check up Campaign in which free spectacles were distributed to the people after the eye check up. Anaj was distributed to the blind people called through an NGO. They were also provided with breakfast. Dr. Swati Desai, Dr. Rajesh Bombe, Dr.SunitaTidke, Prof. Sachin Bansode, Prof. Rahul Pandya also participated in the event.

Run for Unity: Our students took part in the Run for Unity that started at Trident and finished at Marine Lines flyover on 31st October. His Excellency Governor of Maharashtra and the Chief Minister led the volunteers to taking the oath after the run. 16 NSS volunteers of our college attended the programme.


Bharatiya Sanvidhan Din: On 26th November speeches by experts were arranged for NSS volunteers in the college campus. The speakers were Dr. S.V. Chandratre, Vice Principal and Prof. Mahendra Pachhadkar a professor in Law.

World Aids Day: On 1st December the World Aids Day was celebrated in the college by the NSS unit. A Power point presentation was shown to the students to provide information about AIDS. A Street play was performed showing the causes of AIDS the ways to prevent it so that awareness could be created.

Damu Nagar Fire Disaster: On 7th December a fire disaster affected the slums of Damu Nagar, Kandivali wherein more than 2500 huts were destroyed. On 8th December NSS volunteers with Prof. Sachin Bansode, Dr. Rajesh Bombe and other professors visited to affected area and distributed more than 100 vadapavs in the afternoon and vegetable biryani in the evening on same day. The college NSS unit distributed 6 bags of clothes to more than 60 families and vessels to 5 affected families. On 28th December the College distributed 125 tarpaulin of measuring 10 x10 =100 sqft to 125 affected families.


Marathon: On 16th December a marathon was conducted where 20 NSS volunteers participated to show their support towards people suffering from AIDS.

NSS Camp Dr. Swati Desai, PO, DC, Dr. Rajesh Bombe, Dr. SunitaTidke, Prof. Rahul Pandya and Prof Sachin Bansode along with 85 volunteers joined the Residential Camp held at Tandulwadi, Dist. Palghar from 5th to 11th January.


The Camp was inaugurated at the hands of Mr. Mahendra Thakur, President of Tantamukti Sanghatana, Tandulwadi. Every day began with Yoga and Meditation. Volunteers engaged in fieldwork that consisted of construction of Bandhara in Tandulwadi, assisting in repairing the Medical Center, assisting in construction of Toilet at Tandulwadi School. A Socio-economic survey of the village was also conducted. Coupons were distributed to the needy villagers for getting benefit of Anajdan. Day 5: Distributed coupens to needy villagers for getting benefit of Anajdan. Awareness of anti drug, cleanliness, HIV AIDS was also conducted through survey.

Prof. Swati Mandavawala , Prof Madhuri Pandey, Dr. J.P.Yadav, Prof. Sandeep Gupta, Prof. MadhaviNighoskar, Prof. Emelia Norohna, Prof. SubhashiniNaiker , Prof. Rajesh Ruke, Prof.Kiran Mane, Prof. ShamiNimgulkar, Prof. SharadaGaitonde visited the camp and motivated the volunteers for field work. A Guest lecture by Mrs. Rama of Naik Foundation was also arranged.

Program Coordinator Prof. D.G. Phondekar and Mr. Mahav D., Director, LEAD visited the camp and conducted a session.


Facilities for the villages: Inauguration of 3 (THREE) Toilets for girls at Tandulwadi School, Inauguration of Bore Well in the village Lalthane was done by Lions club members. The Medical Centre was renovated and made furnished. Health check up camp was organised wherein Dr. Rajesh Bombe and Dr. Prajwalit Sonkamble from Sion were doctors at the camp. Around 150 volunteers were benefitted. Simultaneously an Eye Check up camp and free distribution of Spectacles was also held at medical centre. The number of beneficiaries were 200. Also 400 Anajdan packets were distributed.100 dozen notebooks, Pencil box with pen pencil eraser, scale, and tooth paste tooth brush were distributed amongst the 200 school children. One wheel chair was donated to one disabled girl of the village. Sports kits of Badminton and Carrom Board and 6 computers were donated to the school. Old clothes were distributed to villagers. The Mela was a grand success.


Dengue Malaria Awareness: On 6th January an awareness session was conducted on Dengue Malaria at K.E.S. College. Five volunteers participated an awareness session which was conducted on Dengue Malaria at K.E.S. College. In this session the students were made aware about the precautions to be taken to prevent such diseases. The students interacted with the Chief Guest Question- Answer session was also held.

Yuva Divas: On 12th January the Yuva Divas was celebrated by the NSS unit. On this day students were made aware about youth empowerment; they were informed about their rights as well as their duties. They were even encouraged to fight for their rights and were given books on Swami Vivekananda. Dr. Swati Desai with 10 volunteers attended the Yuva Divas celebration at the University campus.

Save Bird Rally: A Save Bird Rally to create an awareness about the importance of birds and how we should take measures to save them and not cause any harm to them, was organised by NSS Unit on 14th January.

Road Safety Bike Rally: On 19th January the NSS unit organized a Road Safety Bike Rally to make the students aware about the road safety measures and the precautions to be taken to keep our selves safe. On 21st January a road safety lecture was organised in the college premises. The lecture was delivered by persons from Mumbai Traffic Police where they made the students aware about the various safety measures to be taken on the road.

YOGA: On 20th January volunteers of NSS unit attended a Yoga session at BKC. In this session Baba Ramdev brought awareness about Yoga through demonstration amongst the students and explained the importance of Yoga in ones life.

Republic Day: On 26th January N.S.S. Volunteers attended the Republic Day-Flag Hoisting Ceremony at College. In the evening the student of N.S.S. conducted a flag collection drive in the Sunder Nagar Area. Dr. Swati Desai attended the State Republic Day Parade at Shivaji Park in the capacity of District Coordinator.

Mission Swachh – Walkathon: On 31st January a Walkathon was organized by Borivali Medical Brotherhood at Don Bosco School, Borivali West at 8:30am.The NSS volunteers participated in the Walkathon where they received certificates and medals.

World Wet Land Day: On 2nd February the World Wet Land Day was celebrated, a Guest lecture by Dr Dhimdhime was organised in the auditorium to make students aware about the importance of wet land areas and the ways of preservation .

HIV/AIDS Awareness Session: On 16th February a lecture on HIV/AIDS by Dr. Kharkar was organised for the students to make aware about the causes of AIDS and the ways to prevent it.

Scrutiny of Mumbai Western Suburb NSS Units: From 22nd to 24th February a scrutiny of Mumbai western suburb district was organised in the college campus. The entire NSS unit with all the POs actively participated in the scrutiny. Around 23 colleges with more than 150 volunteers of the district attended the scrutiny.

Mega Health Checkup Camp and Community Project: On 3rd March volunteers along with Dr. Rajesh Bombe, Dr. Swati Desai and Prof. Sachin Bansode participated in the community project at Osarvira, Dist. Palghar. A Health check up camp was conducted at the village. The number of beneficiaries were approximately 500.

Evaluation Session: On 18th March Dr. Swati Desai attended the Evaluation session at V.V. Bhavan, Churchgate was held. Dr. Swati Desai presented District level report in the capacity of District coordinator.



  1. Ashish Pal had been selected for the Avahan state level camp.
  2. Dr. SunitaTidke was selected as camp leader PO at Avhan State level camp. She also assisted in National Integration Camp at Kalina.
  3. Tanaya Chopdekar, Parsadpandit ,Yashwant Singh Rajawat were selected for district level leadership training camp at university of Mumbai.
  4. Dr. Swati Desai was appointed as camp coordinator at National Integration Camp, State Level republic day Parade camp, Leadership Training Camp.
  5. Dr. Rajesh Bombe delivered guest lectures on FIRST AIDS at various District level, college level camps. He was invited as Medical Practitioner at the National Integration camp at Kalina.
  6. Prof. Sachin Bansode was selected for RGNIYD Training for Enterpreneurs. He was a trainer and successfully trained 40 NSS volunteers.
  7. Yashwant Singh Rajawat was selected for state level leadership training camp at Aurangabad.
  8. Vivek Chhotelal Yadav was selected for the University level camp on Environment conservation at Sindhudurg.
  9. Prof. Rahul Pandya enrolled for Ph.D and successfully completed coursework.

The NSS Unit takes this opportunity to thank the Management of the college, Principal Dr. N. N. Pandey, Vice Principal Dr. S.V. Chandratre, IQAC Coordinator Prof. S.A. Mandavawalla and the admistrative staff for their whole hearted support throughout the year.


Dr. Swati Desai

Dr. Rajesh Bombe

Dr. Sunita Tidke

Prof. Sachin Bansode

Prof. Rahul Pandya

NSS Programme Officers

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