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Secretary message

Kanahaiyalal G. Saraf

I strongly believe in innovative methods of education,which can foster leadership and accountability in this challengingera of 21st century.

Our sole aim is to encourage the personal,social, physical,ethical and academic well being of all our students,besides academic excellence. Our goal is to develop scholarly students with great self discipline, intense perseverance and zeal to excel to meet challenges of the modern society.
We take pride in providing a caring atmosphere to all students and appreciatethe co-operation and support extendedby the faculties, present community and all members of PDLC to sustain the high standards set by themanagement. At  PDLC,We Nurture,WeTransform, We Create Global   Business   Leaders.What we have achieved in the last 45 years is only because of the dedicated faculty,staff, students and parents.
The Magazine highlights the achievements and accomplishments of students in every sphere and it is also a testimony to the hard work exhibited by students and faculty to make the year memorable. I congratulate the Editorial Team for their efforts in compiling and creating such a wonderful work which truly covers the entire Spectrum of our College.
I take this opportunity to congratulate Principal Dr. N. N. Pandey, Vice Principal (Degree College) Ms. Madhavi Nighoskar, Vice Principal (Junior College) Mr. Bharat Pandya for their zeal and commitment in providing quality and value based education.
Finally do remember -The Roots of Education may be Bitter,but the Fruits are Sweeter.

Lion Kanahaiyalal G. Saraf
Hon. Secretary – Governing Council
Prahladrai Dalmia Lions College of Commerce and Economics


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