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The Language Laboratory

The need to supplement classroom teaching in language skills with Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) is essential to give a value-added input to students today. A fully equipped language laboratory with audio-visual aids will help lend a structured approach to the learning process, enhance learner autonomy, learning privacy, and teacher-learner quality contact.

The language laboratory of our college helps to supply the students a variety of multi-media learning aids to help them increase their vocabulary, improve pronunciation and general communication skills and develop fluency through a series of well-planned sessions. Those with specific problems such as stage fright, lack of confidence and the resulting loss of self-esteem also receive individual attention in the lab that serves as a speech clinic with stipulated timings and duration.

  What is a Language Lab System ?  
  A language lab system is a collection of communication and control tools that enable a teacher to create student activities, assign student activities, and monitor and evaluate student progress. Additionally, a language lab system enables students to execute activities (including listening and speaking activities).

Earlier, the audiocassette recorder was the cornerstone of almost every language lab system, but today, this has been replaced by computer programs like -a virtual recorder - that runs on a personal computer, and enables students to listen and watch multimedia program materials and record their own oral or written responses, thereby enabling them to learn the language at their own pace and need.

We have 20 personal computers fitted with a software that enables our students to gain mastery over the English language. In addition to English we also have modules that introduces them to few other languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, French, etc.
  Highlights of our language lab  
  • Any language can be taught in this Language lab.
  • Learners can learn pronunciation, accent, stress and all other aspects of phonetics (spoken language) here.
  • Web-content creation, setting up of In-house News Magazines, Corporate Publicity and Identity, Material etc can be generated.
  • English language courses-Business English, Technical English, Remedial English - for the various sections of students. TOEFL, GRE, IELTS Test Preparation
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