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Bachelor of Science (IT) Degree Course



BSc.I.T. Department Activities (2017-18)

Orientation for F.Y.BSc (IT)


            The orientation was held on 28th July, 2017 at 10:30 am at the college auditorion organized by BSc.IT. Manisha Jadhav  ma’am started the orientation by singing “Saraswati Vandana” and welcomed  all the parents and students. Sajjad Hussain  S.Y.Bsc (IT) studentsang “Yeh toh sach hai ki Bhagwan hai”

Manisha Jadhav ma’am represented the core faculty of BSc(IT) and had a short descriptive session on education field and courses. Ma’am spoke about vision and mission of our college.Brief description about the syllabus of BSc(IT) was given to the students. Ma’am spoke about the various placements that a student gets after T.Y.BSc (IT). She also spoke about post graduation or higher studies that a BSc (IT) student can pursue.

ThenRupali Mishra ma’am continued the session. She spoke about the extra-curricular activities that BSc (IT) course organizes. She spoke about “D’LITA”. There was an orientation held for S.Y.BSc (IT) & T.Y.BSc(IT) students on “Microsoft Certification”. Ma’am spoke about the workshops that were conducted on Java & Android  App Development. College also organizes an Industrial Visit for the students. She spoke on E-waste collection and methods/ways to dispose E-waste. She spoke about the achievements that a student can get after participating in inter collegiate events. There is also an award for outstanding achievement for student i.e. The Best IT Student. She spoke about placements that students got last year.

Sanjana Khemka ma’am took over the session. She spoke about the core faculties of Self Finance Course departments and also about the committees and the association of IT.  A student can submit his/her art and creativity for the Spectrum. She spoke in detail about NCC, NSS/DLLE. She also spoke about Student Council that works for benefit of Student Cultural Association. She told about DLU(Dalmia Lions Utsav). She also spoke about Women Development Cell. Our college also organizes Career Guidance lectures and Health related programmes.

Then D.K sir continued the session. He spoke about the examination and its rules which are affiliated by the University of Mumbai. He also spoke about the Grading System Criteria(CBCGS) given by University of Mumbai. There was also a detailed discussion on distribution of the marks of semester exams and also the procedures/conditions for ATKT exams.

Subhashini Naikar ma’am took over the session. She gave brief explanation about the rules and regulations of the college. She gave guidance lecture to the students and spoke about the positives while choosing a particular career and also its negatives.

Deepika Kanojia ma’am gave a brief introduction about Student Enrichment& Employment Development(SEED) programme. She also spoke about the qualities that a student can inherit while attending the SEED lectures. There are various events conducted by SEED department i.e. seminars and workshops in regards to the enhancement of the students personality, guidance on giving interviews, teaching memory improvement skills and felicitation of the students who won such events.

Nikhil Jain sir continued the session and spoke about the skill development and vocational training courses. He spoke about the introduction to the languages i.e. C++, VB .Net and many more.

Later on Manisha Jadhav ma’am gave a meaningful end to the orientation.

Prof. Rupali Mishra

B.Sc.(I.T.) Coordinator                         




The D’LITA team of the IT Department had come up with a new event called the website testing in in fresh new form. This event was handled and managed by our Sub-HoD Mr. Viraj Mane for a better visibility of the event. Furthermore our HoD Mr. Vijay Mishra helped our Sub-HoD to plan the event. So a notice was made and sent on 11thth September and announcements were done on 13th September to entire Self Financed Courses and Junior college.

The event was conducted in computer lab on 16th September 2017 on 10.30am. The event was conducted and divided into two main phases:-

I)                  Elimination Round 

II)               Final Round.

Registrations were handled by Mr Abhijith Shetty. A total of 59 students participated in the event. The D’LITA Team was bifurcated into different departments to handle the event smoothly. The students were given Registration number and were allotted according to the number. The event began and students started visiting the college website “www.dalmialionscollege.ac.in” and they began to note down the flaws. They noted flaws related to the User Interface, Responsiveness, Speed, etc. Students were also allowed to give their own suggestions. The time allotted for the first phase of the event was 45 minutes. They were asked to note down these flaws in MS Word and then mail the file to “pdlcdlita@gmail.com” along with the code allotted to them so no partiality can be done from our side. The D’LITA team perfectly handled and managed this event. With this the first phase of the event that is the Elimination Round ended successfully.

                     The results were monitored by Prof. Rupali Mishra and Prof. Manisha Jadhav after the event. They shortlisted students with the best suggestions and flaws. Seven students were selected for the final round. The second phase of the event that is The Final Round was held on 23rd September 2017. In this round the selected students were asked to prepare a PowerPoint Presentation. The final round was judged by Mrs. Harshada Anil Khandekar. The Final Round began at 10:00 am. The selected students presented themselves. All the teachers from the I.T Department were present during the Final Round. These students elaborated the flaws they noticed regarding the college website in the Elimination Round through their presentation. They also suggested some changes that can be made in the college website. The judge spoke some words regarding the website and said that the students had done an excellent job presenting it. The judge was felicitated by our Co-ordinator of B.S.c.I.T. Department – Prof. Rupali Mishra. The Final round ended at 12:30 pm. The judge declared the results. The 1st position was bragged by Vaibhav Singh of  T.Y.B.Sc.IT and the 2nd and 3rd positions were bragged by Vikshit Jain of T.Y.B.Sc.IT and Navneet Dangi of FYBMS-A respectively.

With all the decisions, efforts and steps taken by the D’LITA team, the event ended with an excellent feedback from the participants of the event.



  1. Elimination Round :-


  1. Final Round :-


E-Waste Collection Drive Report

               The event began on 15th August 2017 in the college foyer area. Day before the event our HOD Mr. Vijay Mishra from TYBSc-IT and Event Incharge Mr. Rutvik Poojary from SYBSc-IT helped us visualize how we, the members of D’LITA were about to make our event a grand success. We were divided into teams where each member represented themselves as speaker, writer, photographer, social media and volunteers to make a complete team.

               A notice was made and sent to the entire Self Financed Courses and Junior college from 11th to 12th August 2017 about the E-Waste Collection Drive. Huge pressure held on shoulders of our speakers team lead by Mr. Abhijith Shetty and Ms. Shweta Pal as they had to convey a message so meaningful yet simple and powerful, about the E-waste collection drive for a fruitful event. Our speakers spoke and explained about the electronic waste and benefits to dispose the  hazardous waste. They also spoke on E-waste collection and methods/ways to dispose E-waste along with certification that a student would get after participating in the college event.
               On the respective days of our event the volunteer’s team lead by Mr. Sanad Khan helped us install posters, banners and E-waste bins received by E-waste Recycling India Pvt. Ltd. Company to monitor and collect the E-waste in the foyer area. Then a schedule was assigned to the members to conduct the event on the specific time and maintain the record of every student who have participated in the event. Everyday three random members of the team had to follow the schedule to manage the event. The records were managed and handled by our HOD of every passing day.

               Day by day e-waste kept piling up in a sluggish rate, with a lapse in time and draining efforts of the members, the participation of students kept on falling. So with a change in plans and increase in effort of our team, our HOD decided to give a descriptive announcement for the second time to the SFC and the entire junior college so a notice was sent again with the team of speakers on 1st and 2nd September 2017, after few days we received an excellent response from the students and core faculty members of our college. The social media department lead by Mr. Viraj Mane helped us to promote our event by uploading our pictures on Facebook as well as Instagram which helped us to collect electronic waste from different colleges. Photos were clicked by our photographer Mr. Sahil Shaikh on alternative days to make the event a memorable one.

               The event ended on 15th September 2017 on quite a good note, as our D’LITA team was cherished and happy with the outcome and the goals achieved to complete the event in a successful way.


BSc.I.T. Department Report (2016-17)


The academic year 2016-2017 was filled with several academic and co-curricular activities which ended with the passing out of the first batch of the graduates of the department. A new wave of enthusiasm leaded in the academic year 2016-2017 with the revival of the BSc IT departmental association DLITA (Dalmia Lions I.T. Association).  This was made possible by the co-ordinated efforts of the students involved under the guidance of the respective department professors. 



Name of Co-ordinator          :           Prof. Rupali Mishra


Name of the Core Faculty    :           Prof. Sanjana Khemka

                                                            Prof. Manisha Jadhav

                                                            Prof. Ameeta Rawool


The Department Started in 2013-14 with 16 Learners and it has increased since then to 182 students, nearly 11 times. This year second batch of 51 students appeared for University exam.

Students Achievements

T.Y.BSc.IT student, Abhishek Kambli,  worked on a news app for iOS live project that compiles news from 75 epapers and category wise displays current news.  He has also worked as a designer for TLKN - mobile app with aim to reconnect people and make them talk again.  TLKN has received award for best logo, and featured in top sites like product hunt, and news channel NDTV. TLKN just crossed 10k users on play store.  He has also designed and been part of coding team for a call centre application called “samespace” , which is now used by more than 15 call centre companies in world. Abhishek is now working on mobile app called MUSE and also created website and blog for DLITA association.

T.Y.BSc.IT student, Janit Temkar Janit Temkar is a theatre artist, musician, actor. He has been doing commercial theatre.  He has worked with theatre groups named IPTA Mumbai, GILLO Theatre repertory Mumbai, Rubaroo Productions.  Janit has performed in over 15 productions and over 500 shows.

S.Y.BSc.IT student, Vijay Mishra has designed website and APP for DLU2K16, our college fest.

Apart from the above special achievements, our students have also contributed in the following area:


Students Name




Rohan Shelar

2nd prize in Debate Competition


Sapna Yadav

2nd prize in D'Lita Essay Writing


Shweta Maurya

2nd prize in Dance (Intercollegiate)


Ankush Yadav

2nd prize at JAM session,DLU


Sheetal Pandey

2nd prize in Essay Writing(Hindi)


Nitesh Parab

2nd prize in Poetry


Shweta Pal

2nd prize in Dance(Aura), Intercollegiate


Shweta Pal

3rd prize in Dance(Brahmotsav)


Aniket Gurav

3rd prize in Dance(Brahmotsav)


Aniket Gurav

2nd prize in Dance(Aura)


Sajjad Hussain

3rd prize in Finger Painting



Sunny Rozario

CS 1st in NL College, CS 1st in Nirmala


Kiran Jangam

Merit in Poem Making


Vijay Mishra

Student Manager Committee,


Vijay Mishra

Website Created for DLU


Shubham Singh

Code Hunt Winner


Rohit Chauhan

Code Hunt Winner



Amey Lele

Best I T Student


Anusha Shetty

Ist In Back to School, Third in Long Jump, 3rd In Shot put

Cultural and Sports

Mamta Pednekar

Principal Special Prize


Rahul Dsouza



Jiggish Rawal

Seed Infotech I.T. quiz appreciation prize amongst 75 colleges of Mumbai University



In this academic year 5 students got placed in 'Here Nokia' as GIS analyst, 1 student got placed in 'Infosys Ltd.' as Junior Software Developer, 1 student got placed in 'TaknTech' as Software Designer and few got placed in teaching industry as Corporate Trainers.

Activities Conducted during the year


Information Technology is becoming the need of hour.  Its application can be marked in all walks of life. Therefore, the department was very keen in organizing various workshops and training sessions for students upgrading them now and then.


Students participated in large numbers in competitions organized by the department and other departments. Few activities are listed below:


  • 14th June’2016, Orientation lecture was conducted for Second year students by Third year students to guide the scope of their subjects, further education prospects, projects and placements etc.
  • The department is successfully conducting periodic parents meeting giving progress reports and attendance details of students from time to time. On 27th August’2016, Parent Teachers Meeting of F.Y.B.SC.(I.T.), S.Y.B.SC.(I.T.) & T.Y.B.SC.(I.T.) was organized in college auditorium.
  • 31st August’2016, Ewaste collection campaign was organized and Ewaste was collected from entire college.  It was then distributed to ‘Electronic waste collection center’ for recycling purpose.
  • 15th September’2016, motivational session was conducted by Mr. Kartik Choumal (student of T.Y.BSc.I.T.) for BSc.I.T. Students.
  • 28th September’2016, on the occasion of the “Speaker Series”, Guest Lecture conducted for BSc.I.T. students on the topic of “Microsoft Certification’.
  • 4th October’2016, Guest lecture for TYBSc.I.T. students by Prof. Mahesh Naik from IIT Bombay, on Advanced Java and ASP.NET with C#  was organized to prepare students for their Sem V examination.
  • 20th December’2016, Best I.T. student competition organized by BSc.I.T. department and the title was won by ‘Mr. Amey Lele’ from  T.Y.BSc.I.T.
  • 23rd January’2017, Seed Infotech in association with Mumbai University organized I.T. competition for BSc.I.T. students.  First round was cleared by few students of BSc.I.T. Final round was conducted in Mumbai University and Mr. Jigish Rawal won the ‘Special appreciation medal’.
  • 24th January’2017, Dlita organized Code Hunt competition in college campus with association with Student council. 
  • 7th February’2017, Dlita organized workshop on ‘Java Programming’ and ‘Android App Development” by Laqshya Institution in computer lab.
  • 10th February’2017, Inauguration held of Dlita – Emagazine (Blog id is : https://dlitaemagazine.tumblr.com/)

With the above mentioned points, we have come to the end of BSc.I.T. Annual Report.

Prof. Rupali Mishra

BSc.(I.T.) Coordinator

Date  : 20th March’2017.

BSc.I.T. Department Report (2015-16)

The Dalmia Lions I.T. Association (DLITA) is formed with the aim to nurture and promote Information Technology skills of our student community. It aims to give them access to avenues that can harness their creativity in web designing and IT related skills.

Inauguration of DLITA: Dalmia Lions I.T. Association (DLITA) of BScIT was inaugurated on 15th July at the hands of Lion Sharad Ruia, Chairman of Governing Council; Lion Kanahaiyalal G. Saraf, Hon. Secretary of Governing Council; Principal. Dr. N. N. Pandey. The half yearly magazine, website and the blog of DLITA was inaugurated.

Then DLITA volunteers Mr. Abhishek and Mr. Amey presented and explained the features of website as well as the blog. A short introduction about the mission and vision of DLITA was given by Karthik Choumal a student of SYBSc IT.

The principal Dr. N. N. Pandey addressed the gathering and motivated them for DLITA association activities. Lion Sharad Ruia emphasized on the need of IT in every sector of our country. Lion Kanahaiyalal G. Saraf also addressed the students and encouraged them to work wholeheartedly in the DLITA association.

Students are now aware that DLITA Association formed in our college through which they can join and perform various IT related activities. Sharing of files, notes, e-books on the same interface of blog is possible.


A Photoshop and Website Designing competition was organized for degree college and professional course students on 20th August. Following students won the prizes:

Website Design competition: Mr. Abhishek Kamble of SYBSc(IT)
Photoshop competition : Mr. Satyajeet Mohapatra of SYBAF.

Other than BSc(IT) students could associate with DLITA activities. This helps to cater the IT talent in IT and non IT students. FYBSc(IT) students were oriented so that they can get the maximum benefit of the IT courses and the environment of the college. Students got exact idea of this course and its future prospects.

Orientation lecture was conducted by Third year students for Second year students on their core subject in semester III. Third year students gained confidence and Second year students could decide the subject of specialization for their career.

Workshop: A Workshop on the topic ‘How to Create Website in 15 minutes’ was conducted by Mr. Abhishek and Mr. Amey, both students of SYBSc(IT). Thirty Non-IT students attended this workshop. This intra departmental activity helped in spreading the knowledge of IT to non IT students. All participants created around couple of websites which they uploaded on free web servers without having core IT knowledge. The participants were very happy and wanted to attend more such sessions.

Industrial Visit : Industrial Visit was organized at Jaipur from 4th to 8th January. Students visited Compucom company and also went for sight-seeing.

Students Achievements

Mr. Vijay Mishra from FYBSc (IT) created an android app for Dalmia Lions I.T. Association . www.dlita.tk/down
Mr. Abhishek Kambli and Mr. Amey Lele had created blog of dlita i.e. Dalmia Lions I.T. Association
BscIT students participated in food festival and learned how to earn profit by selling food items.
Bsc IT Student won various inter-collegiate events. List of the student participated in various colleges & won the awards….

Mr. Krunal and Ms. Eram got selected in Infosys as Junior I.T. Officers from campus interviews conducted at Mithibai college
Mr. Abhishek Kamble from SYBSc (IT) got selected in an American company as Software Designer after going through 4 level of interviews on Skype.



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