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Department of Business Communication

About the department

 Department of Business Communication aims to enhance the Communication skills of its students. Apart from the teaching learning process that happens with reference to the subject of Business communication offered at the first year of the BCom degree program the department makes efforts to instill in the students a love for language learning. Understanding communication theory, concepts, practice and skills definitely help students advance themselves. But practice in communication skill is a major requirement.

The Department provides students with opportunities to showcase and enhance their skills – reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

Strengths of the department:

  • A dedication and enthusiastic faculty
  • A  well planned yearly schedule of activities
  • Efforts are directed towards strengthening of tutorials using the audio-visual mode
  • Mobile phones are put to active use to enhance the teaching learning process
  • Study material in form of worksheets and Ppts are provided to students.
  • Constant teacher support to students through social media

Best practices:

  • Certificate Course in English speaking
  • Experiential learning – Conference by students for students.

Language Lab:

The Department makes use of the Language Lab to enhance the communication skills of students. 

Faculty :

  • Ms. Emelia Noronha, MA, Bed. NET - HOD
  • Ms. Tanvi Rao, MA 
  • Ms. Bharti Tiwari, MCom, B Ed, SET

Reports :

Conference Report 2016-17

Conference Report 2015-16

Conference report 2013-14


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