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Bachelor of Mass Media – BMM


Bachelor of Mass Media is a media based course. It is designed to provide students with a firm grounding in communication skills. Today Media stands as an attractive career prospect to the youth. BMM teaches you the technical aspects of media and understand the professional proficiency of it in a practical way, through detailed research, lucid writing skills, oral presentation skills and a mastery of various mass communications media in our global information age. It aims to develop ability for critical thinking and creativity. Without the expertise of media and journalists, the world might collapse with no one taking the initiative to spread the news from one place to another and keeping the world connected through the thread of humanity. Now with media explosion getting bigger and spreading its successful wings all over the world, newer callings such as journalism, advertising, film making, editing, script writing, etc are on demand. This course has been properly planned to offer students a concrete ground in communication skills. It has the syllabus which attracts the individual to undertake BMM. E.g. Subjects like Communication skills, Creative writing, English literature, Photography, Broadcast journalism, Internet issues, Global media, help you broaden your knowledge as well as your future horizons.


Strengths of the Department

  • Give Quality Education to the students and constantly try to increase their Percentage level in all the Semesters by conducting various Guests Lectures by experts of those subjects.
  • BMM department Tabloid SCOOP BULLETIN – A bi-yearly newsletter is published by the students of BMM department. The Bulletin aims to tap the creativity of our students – budding journalists and advertising personnel. It aims to showcase the application of the skills that they grasp in the course of the curriculum. The various articles written by students on social issues, events and happenings of the college and society is published.


Best Practices

  • Created PDLC BMM blog on the College Website where every week students write about any decided or random topic.
  • Photography Exhibition conducted for the students.
  • Created PDLC BMM Logo which will be used for all the future communications.
  • Inter Collegiate Conference on ‘Gender Sensitization’ conducted wherein students presented Research papers and became sensitive to Gender related issues.
  • Creative Projects made by BMM students on each and every Subject of their Course.

Thus the department is in a perpetual quest to produce graduates who will eventually be prolific leaders in the world of mass media bringing about positive change in the society.



Prof. Bhavana Singh


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